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Animal Chiropractic Education ACE-AIQA is a private institution that offers chiropractic education at a post-university level, exclusively for veterinarians and human chiropractors in addition to other online and onsite courses.

For the welfare and health of animals, we believe it is necessary for students to receive a high-quality education. For that reason, we have highly qualified and experienced teachers in veterinary medicine, human and veterinary chiropractic from various countries.

In addition, the learning program is formed with the help of the Backbone Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic and Healing Arts®, Germany and Healing Oasis Wellness Center, USA.

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Dr. Emmanuelle Vandendriessche (Belgium)

Emmanuelle is the Founder, Director, and Senior Lecturer at ACE-AIQA. She studied veterinary medicine in Belgium, specialized in chiropractic in Germany, manual therapy and rehabilitation in England, craniosacral therapy in Spain and applied neurology in the US, as well as participating in several conferences and courses around the world.

Her great passion is sharing natural and respectful therapies with her clients and students.

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Dr Cristina Moreno (Spain)

Cristina is a veterinary doctor, specialist in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, chiropractic, reiki, bach flowers, neural therapy, ozone therapy, ultrasound and horse-assisted therapy.

Cristina has a very busy practice and takes care of animals and people.

She is very passionate about chiropractic and is an excellent teacher, not only for ACE-AIQA, but also for acupuncture and other trainings.


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Dr. Cinthia Castilho Diel (Brasil)

Cinthia is a veterinary doctor, also a specialist in chiropractic, acupuncture, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and kinesiotaping.

She works mainly with polo and jumping horses.

Cinthia is a woman very connected with herself, empathic and connects through the heart, in addition to the mint. In this way, she inspires students to also connect with their feelings and hearts, which transforms on a personal and professional level.

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Dr. Pablo Lucero (Guatemala)

Pablo is a successful veterinarian in the competitive equine world. He is a specialist in animal chiropractic, acupuncture and rehabilitation. He works all over America, accompanying horses in great competitions.

Aside from being an excellent doctor and chiropractor, Pablo is very dedicated to helping his fellow chiropractors and exudes his passion.

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Dr. Ana Paula Telo (México)

Ana Paula is a veterinary doctor, specializing in chiropractic, manual therapy and rehabilitation. She works with competition horses all over Mexico, in addition to traveling sometimes to Europe.

Since she has just graduated, she has devoted herself to chiropractic and moves easily and safely in the world of competition horses.

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Dr. Ricardo Fernando Correia (Brasil)

Ricardo is a veterinary doctor, specialized in chiropractic, acupuncture, ozone therapy and he is dedicated to the sport horse clinic throughout the Sao Paulo area.

Ricardo is very dedicated to the profession and is an excellent doctor and teacher.

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Dr. Ana Leticia Rotaeche (España)

Ana is a veterinary doctor, specialized in radiology in England and later in animal chiropractic, comprehensive medical biomagnetism and neural therapy.

Ana has had racehorses in her home for many years and is passionate about healing and holistic wellness.


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Dr. Carlos Sastre Fernández (España)

Carlos is a veterinary doctor specialized in Veterinary holistic integrative medicine such as acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal medicine, nutritherapy, homeopathy, neural therapy, reiki, Bach flowers.

Passionate about the animal world and natural therapies, he combines his work in the clinic with training as a speaker in these areas.

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Dr. Dashel Alarcon (México)

Dashel is a human chiropractor from the University of Mexico. He has his practice in Cancun and specialized in animal chiropractic with AIQA.

Dashel is very passionate about human and animal health. Besides being an excellent chiropractor, he is a very inspiring teacher and conveys the philosophy of chiropractic in his words and his life.

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Dr. Diego Mellino (Argentina)

Diego is a Doctor of Chiropractic, graduated with honors from LIFE University in the USA. He is founder and president of FQPT (Fundación Quiropraxia para todos) in Argentina, he carried out the project and is Rector and Professor of IUQA (Argentine Chiropractic University Institute).

His great challenge: Legalize Chiropractic as an independent profession and take it to every corner of Latin America.

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Dr. Emilie Roujon (France)

Emilie graduated in Spain as a Human Chiropractor with various chiropractic specializations. She has a degree in animal chiropractic from AIQA and also works with holistic therapies with people and animals.

Emilie lives in Mexico and sometimes travels to France to attend to her human and animal patients.

Emilie is a magical woman, combining ancient teachings with the science of chiropractic.


Administration of ACE-AIQA

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Ilse Bartholomeeusen (Belgium)

Ilse has been a part of ACE-AIQA from the beginning, as general manager. She studied economics.

Ilse is a huge horse fan and specialist in natural hoof trimming and clicker training. She is fascinated by the natural care of horses and helps several dog and cat shelter organizations.

Ilse is always at your service in administration and payment matters.

She resides in Spain, but through the network, it is always present where ACE-AIQA is.