In our "LIFE FORCE" trainings, we experience life from the connection with the universal force, the cosmic intelligence that governs our reality and life on earth.

 We work consciously with the cosmic life force, the creative force of earth and matter, the quantum field and the alignment of our bodies with the universal/cosmic intelligence through the spinal column, the spinal cord, the midline, the nervous system and the cerebrospinal fluid to achieve optimal health, well-being, happiness and ONTOLOGICAL STABILITY for ourselves, our patients, the planet and the universe.

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We consciously and intentionally raise our vibrational frequency through very specific and effective body/energy techniques, which we can use with humans and animals, as well as the world of flora and the earth itself. We expand our perception of the reality in which we live and the interaction with it, and we anchor our new higher vibrational frequency in the body to be in a continuous state of "embodied high frequency ".

Our "LIFE FORCE" trainings change your life to the fullest, you will never want and you will be able to return to your old, linear and limited life.

Do you dare to jump into realities never imagined?

Then LIFE FORCE is for you!


                TOPICS OF THE TRAINING

- the spinal column as a receiving antenna of the cosmic vital force

- activation of our electro-neurological system

- activation of our "dormant" brain

- activation of the pineal gland and reestablishing it as our "first" eye and activating its connection with the cosmic life force

- balance the two cerebral hemispheres towards the zero point

- restoration of the 5 senses and activation of the sixth sense

- spinal alignment techniques of bony structures and soft tissue

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- biochemical and energetic cleaning of our DNA

- DNA activation and recovery of the original programming

- somato-emotional release techniques

- techniques to release the installed trauma and replace it with original life force and the original human blueprint

- connect with our "blueprint" or original creation map and that of our patients

- restoring the divine human operating system

- connect with our power animals and totem

- activation of restorative codes in us and our patients

- connect with the life force of the earth and use it for restoration of the original blueprint and that of our patients

- interspecies and interdimensional telepathy and communication

- very effective techniques for the restoration of our physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies and of our clients

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- transitioning from the carbon based body into the crystalline body

- conscious use of technology such as OZONE and mono atomic gold in the process of transition

- the use of technology in our patients

- hormonal, biochemical and energetic cleaning of our own nervous system

- establishing ontological stability for ourselves, our surroundings and the planet 

                     "LIFE FORCE" PROGRAM


LIFE FORCE is a 4 week container. 

In the container, you receive access to our private online training platform, where you receive the content in the form of PDF documents, videos, power point presentations, live classes, recorded classes, recorded interviews with many experts in the field and so much more.

We also have a private online community group where we share our experiences with each other, in order to speed up the activation/ ascension process of ALL of us. 

Every week, we have 1 live class trough zoom that is highly recommended to join live. 

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                     GET INTO "LIFE FORCE" 








* Price includes the teachings, activations and online activities 

* Price does NOT include any extra teachings, technology or whatsoever

* The program is orientative and might vary depending on the circumstances