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ACE/AIQA is a private institution that offers chiropractic teaching at a post-university level for veterinarians and human chiropractors, in addition to other classroom and online courses in manual therapy and rehabilitation, biomechanics and applied neurology, and craniosacral therapy.

ACE organizes a free online classes on natural therapies for animals.

As many of you are very interested in natural therapies, but don't really know what it is about, we are giving away, especially for you, free online classes.

We will delve into the topics of chiropractic philosophy, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, somato-emotional release, energy work, quantum medicine and much more!

ACE/ AIQA takes healing to the next level and wants to do it with you!

Online free course on animal natural therapies

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Our courses

We have a wide variety of high quality educational online courses to take your profession to a higher level.

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Do you want to improve the health of your patients?

- without surgery

- without drugs

- in a scientific and sensitive way

- respecting the animal

- stimulating their inherent healing

- reducing their pain

- optimizing their health

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We have what you are looking for!

Our courses are designed to give you the best education in animal chiropractic, manual therapy and rehabilitation, equine and canine massage, biomechanics, natural therapies and applied neurology.

All our courses are designed for your comfort and at very affordable prices.

Our trainings give you the opportunity to transform your profession with possibilities never imagined in the healing of your patients.


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Our courses

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We teach since 2008 the international postgraduate course in animal chiropractic, as pioneers in the Spanish-speaking world.

It includes deep learning of anatomy, biomechanics, applied neurology, in addition to the philosophy, history and chiropractic concepts and the techniques to be able, in complete confidence, to apply a complete session of chiropractic to the animal.




We innovate with the professional diploma in natural therapies for animals.

The topics are physiotherapy, massage therapy, stretching, acupressure, mobilization, structural and neurological rehabilitation, cell healing, craniosacral therapy, somato-emotional liberation, visceral and structural osteopathy, horse coaching, telepathy and interspecies communication, thanatology, quantum healing, trauma release , barefoot trimming, mindful nutrition, holistic business management and marketing and much more!




This course prepares the student to treat any animal, dog, cat, horse, without or with symptoms of discomfort.

We guide the student through a complete protocol of structural and energetic evaluation palpations, massage techniques, stretching, mobilizations of the spine and extremities, trigger points and craniosacral therapy. Then the student applies what they have learned based on each patient and her symptoms.

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In our "LIFE FORCE" seminars, we experience life from the connection with universal intelligence, which governs our reality on earth.

For 5 days we consciously align our bodies with the cosmic life force through the spine, spinal cord, nervous system and cerebrospinal fluid to achieve optimal health, wellness and happiness for ourselves, our patients, the planet and the universe.

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Our international team of professors and assistants are chosen under very strict criteria of knowledge and experience in veterinary medicine and chiropractic to give them the best educational and learning experience.


ACE means excellence

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Transformational achievements

ACE pays close attention to the personal and professional achievements of our students. We combine teaching with an important part of personal coaching to bring out the best in each one and thus take the study experience to higher levels.


Excellence in practices

ACE's motto is excellence. We provide excellence in all areas of our teaching: the notes, the classes, the practices, the practice place and the teachers.


Detailed individual attention

We are present with our students at every moment of their trajectory, providing specific individual attention to reach a mastery of all the subjects taught.


International community

We have graduates from all over the world and we continue to grow. Our international teachers are qualified by AIQA in their excellence in knowledge of theoretical and practical subjects.


Personalized practices

For us, personal attention is of vital importance. We teach the practices in small groups, always guided by one of ACE's renowned teachers.


Didactic material

To optimize the learning experience, we have high-quality teaching materials online and in person.

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Individualized payment plans

ACE helps you manage your postgraduate investment in the most adapted way to your economic situation. We also respect your time and attention through automated and secure payments.


International accreditations

ACE is the only academy worldwide that teaches chiropractic and other manual therapies in Spanish. We have several international accreditations that guarantee our excellence.


Personal and professional development

We are present with our students at every moment of their trajectory, providing specific individual attention to reach a mastery of all the subjects taught.

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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that each animal has an innate strength of recovery and healing.

Our job is to guide and encourage the animal to connect with this recuperative force within itself.


Our mission

Our mission is to help the most possible animals in the world to connect with their innate strength and thus optimizing their health. The more professionals are educated, the more animals we can help.


Our commitment

Our commitment is to always provide superior quality education so that more and more professionals can assist animals to reach their optimal state of health and thus help create a better world.

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Be part of the r-evolution in animal health with ACE

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"Transform your life with animal chiropractic"

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General Headquarters in Mexico


Emmanuelle Vandendriessche

director of ACE/AIQA

+521 984 17 80 474

[email protected]

Administrative headquarters in Spain


Ilse Bartholomeeusen

General Secretary of ACE/AIQA

+34 687 08 08 08

[email protected]